The India Mission is our oldest outreach mission here at Highpoint Christian Church. It started when missionary Ralph Harter (from Highpoint) went to serve as a young man in 1947 during the Second World War. Ralph’s mission work was in and around Kanpur City in northeast India about 200 miles south of Nepal. Ralph got married around Christmas of 1949, but the life of a missionary was a great sacrifice and Ralph’s wife wanted to go back to USA. Ralph chose to continue to serve the Lord in India and his wife left him and returned to the States.

Amar was brought up by the American Missionaries in a mission school, where Ralph used to come to preach. Once Amar was old enough, Ralph brought Amar to Kanpur City in 1984, and they worked together doing the Lords work until 1997. After a full life of serving the lord for 50 years away from his family in India, Ralph returned to the States in 1997.

Community Outreach

Happily, serves the community by providing hygiene items for the community. This includes but not limited to soap, laundry detergent, toothpaste etc.… Open to the community on the last Wednesday of each month from 5:30 - 6:30 PM. Holidays may be an exception (please contact the church if a holiday for further information). An ID is required.

Hannah’s Hope

Happily, serves the community by providing children’s clothing from sizes NB through 10-12. Also, some toys may be available. Open to the community on the last Wednesday of every month from 5:30 - 6:30 PM. Holidays may be an exception (please contact the church if a holiday for further information). No ID is required.

Esperanza Y Vida

Esperanza Y Vida is a mission in El Salvador run by Douglas Ruballos and his family. Their mission is to provide, food, shelter and comfort to children who are going through treatment for cancer or HIV. Most of the children live high in the mountains and it takes them hours to travel into town to receive their treatments. Typically they have no money for food or shelter. For lack of a better term, Douglas runs a Ronald McDonald house.

Douglas also hikes, sometimes for hours, up the mountain carrying food baskets that can weigh as much as 40 pounds to ensure that these children have food to eat while they are at home.

We first met Douglas when he came to the United States on a mission trip in 2014. He was hosted by a local family who has visited his mission 3 times and they invited us to come and hear him speak. We were so moved by the work he is doing in Christ’s name, we felt compelled to support him financially.

Hope Outreach

Our Purpose is to go into Stark County and Preach the Gospel. God has called us to minister to the needs of the people of the community spiritually and materially through the giving of food, clothing,personal and household necessities, counseling, after school programs, children summer vacation fun days, adult education in sewing crafts, cooking, nutrition, gardening, computer skills, financial planning, tutoring children and adults and youth ministries. We will also do in home and hospital visitation for the purpose of communion, comfort and prayer. Also, community street ministry in all of Stark County.

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